ICANN, Domain Names and New Dashcom gTLDS

It is not difficult to force Internet users to pay the huge and excessive prices demanded by “supposed” or “assumed” monopolies like ICANN (and their select associates)….IF….we continue to disregard the enormous power Internet users possess to transform the World Wide Web.

ICANN is part of an infinite and evolving universe – but ICANN is by no means our only choice (eg: it’s already possible to register free Dashcom domain names such as “music-com” or “happy-birthday”)

If we sit back and do nothing, we cannot complain. If we sit back and do nothing, we have only ourselves to blame.

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DASH-COMs? (Not Dotcoms)

Dashworlds.com has developed a parallel internet offering brand new Dashcom domain names (as an alternative to almost 90 million Dotcoms registered). Users can now create any TLD in any language, and there will be the re-introduction of the first true spam-free email system that cannot be bulk mailed.

Yes, there’s an APP but there’s also an ISP link-in that negates that need. Dashworlds has encountered wildly diverse opinion, yet now there are members and users in over 90 countries worldwide.

Some time ago, people would have thought a retailer was crazy to waste time/money trying to sell anything on the Internet. After all why would you want to buy a hugely expensive computer, get an extra phone line, buy a modem, buy an OS, learn how to use it all….and then pay someone to build a website that no-one would ever see……When all you had to do was pick up a phone.

Having just one Internet in a universe of infinite space is like saying you can only get around the USA on route 66…..Actually it doesn’t even begin to say that.

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ICANN: Is it a Monopoly? Is it a Government? Is it a Non-Profit?… Yes…No…I Mean Maybe!

ICANN is a group tasked with the effective running of the World Wide Web.   OK, it’s not quite that simple.  Nevertheless, ICANN is one of the most powerful organizations (if not the most powerful) on the Internet, hence is it unreasonable to question their status?

So, is ICANN a Monopoly, a Government or a Non-Profit?  Well, the answer rather depends on the question.  Conceivably, it’s one two or all three.

Running alongside ICANN today, Dashworlds.com operates a parallel Internet using new Dashcom (not Dotcom) Domain Names.  Dashcoms are web addresses in the format http://business-com or http://stock-market.  With users and members in over 90 countries worldwide, resolution is via an APP (although ISP links are now available to negate that need).With the growth in popularity of Dashcoms, it would be easy for a body like ICANN to have these addresses recognised on their route servers (making global resolution that much simpler).  For ICANN, the consequences would be little more than a bit of extra data, yet the result of such a move would provide Internet users with real choice on an almost infinite level.

There is no call for ICANN to incorporate these new domain names.  There is no call for ICANN even to approve them.  As for potential problems of namespace collision, of course Dotcoms can’t collide with Dashcoms.  Yet despite all the advantages and for the worst of reasons, any implementation is hardly straightforward.  It’s not just that in this “open-market” there are rather more interested parties than expected to be found at the negotiating table; it’s that Mr Monopoly, Mr Government and Mr Non-Profit all seem to be occupying the same chair.

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